What is SSBee?

SSBee is a very affordable Online Bulk Product Supply Chain Logistics, Stock Control and Business Management System. It connects to and reports on, all departments (Manufacturing, Warehouse, Accounts, Shopping Cart/Catalogue, POS). You are in control through Customised Reporting. Watch your cash flow & profits improve when you can analyse in detail, every aspect of your business.  Priced to appeal to SME's. Compare us to our competitors before you make a decision.

Welcome to SSBee
The Stock Control System that gives you the power of knowledge

A fully integrated, in-the-cloud solution that helps you manage and grow your business. Minimise stock, track orders, manage materials and suppliers, care for customers, and report on whatever is important to you to know. Our powerful database engine receives, processes and stores all of your information in satellite modules ready for you to specify what and how you want it reported. If you entered a product every minute of every day for the next 5 years you would not fill the capacity.

You determine your 'need to know' priorities, then customise your reporting dash board (personalised and customised for you). You can predetermine your minimum stock levels and be alerted to any potential shortages before they occur. Minimise errors caused by manual input for recording orders, receipt of materials, accounting, stock movements and product picking lists. SS&B recognised a gap in the market for a powerful yet inexpensive system (from $8k + hosting)  and developed this unique on-line solution. We are often concerned by the low level of control existing behind the scenes of some very successful and very profitable businesses. But just because you are profitable does not mean you are reaching you true potential. Read more

Why SSBee?
What can you do with the knowledge SSBee gives you?

Knowledge is power, the power to change things for better results.

  • Free up more cash by minimising the amount of you have tied up in stock.
  • Save money. Never buy another computer server. You can login to our secure servers and back up.
  • Prepare effective sales and marketing plans based on your own real historic data. .
  • Access your files from any internet connection
  • Never run out of stock. Set minimum quantities with auto replacement alarms
  • You won't  have to hold onto excess stock or stock liable to expire
  • Buy better, plan your buying and buy when the prices are lowest. By analysing your sales records, know which products sell when.
  • Become more competitive, Sign up for SSBee & get our free Website upgrade. Reduce costs and increase revenue.


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SSBee Case Study 2 - Service Providers
2011-06-14 15:55:01
Most people would not consider Medical Service Providers as managers of quite large stock inventories

Case Study 1 Club & School Wear
2011-06-14 15:55:01
The most impressive statistic in this case study is the cash generated by nothing more than a reduction in the stock holding and real-time transactional reporting through constant monitoring.

Case Study 3 - Spa Products Company
2011-06-22 12:37:10
Take the humans out of the machines jobs, they do it faster & better with fewer mistakes. Give the humans up to the minute information, in an easy to read format, tailored to their specific portfolio,thus empowering them to make informed decisions and help manage the company instead of just being employed by it. Maximise the machines potential and the people's morale.